Medical Tourism in Bangkok

Medical tourism in Bangkok is very popular with foreigners looking to have their dental work, cosmetic surgery, or even a heart bypass for less than the price back home. Bangkok’s best hospitals and medical centres are highly advanced and have every conceivable facility, along with some of the best trained physicians and nurses in Asia.

Bangkok has the largest medical tourism industry in Thailand, and Asia, and offers the best facilities, although prices are cheaper in other parts of Thailand. However, there are numerous world-class hospitals in Bangkok that have built up an excellent reputation for medical tourism. Bangkok is particularly attractive because of the combination of price, comfort, professionalism and, of course, the famous Thai hospitality.


Cosmetic surgery
Thailand is now the de facto plastic surgery destination for a boob job, nose job, tummy-tuck or face lift, and you can recover on a quiet beach holiday, all without breaking the bank…more


With many international-quality hospitals, Bangkok is one of the best places for medical treatment, and professional staff and modern facilities adds to excellent value…more


Bangkok has plenty of superb dentists dealing with millions of Thais who value their smile – for teeth whitening, check-ups, root canals or crowns, you’ll be satisfied with the price and experience …more


Eye surgery
Bangkok is the centre for eye surgery in Southeast Asia, with many tourists choosing to have LASIK surgery followed by a break – affordable prices make this a simple procedure…more

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Medical services in Bangkok

Whether you are tourist thinking of getting dental work done cheaply, or coming to Bangkok for medical attention or non-essential surgery, you will be well catered for with a slick and professional package that has been serving many before you. Thailand’s healthcare services are noted for being particularly professional. Hospitals are well equipped with the latest technology, doctors are often trained abroad and speak good English, and staff are experienced in dealing with fussy foreigners.

Dental work: is a particular good choice and a visit to the dentist here will save you considerably on crowns, teeth whitening, root canal, and more complicated work. Many come specifically for that, and the air fare plus weeks spent on visits still works out cheaper than the bill back home. Tourists often opt for check-ups and teeth whitening.

Cosmetic surgery: is what has put Bangkok on the medical map, with some of the best surgeons in the world, particularly for sex changes. Even if you’re happy with your present gender, they do breast enlargement or reduction, tummy tucks and liposuction, nose jobs and plastic surgery to a steady stream of clients who can’t afford it in their own countries. Results are reliable and safe.

Eye surgery: is becoming increasingly popular in Bangkok clinics or hospitals, and a simple eye check or spectacles prescription can be had at one of the numerous optical shops in the malls. LASIK and other surgery can be arranged at the leading hospitals and is conducted professionally.

Hospitals and healthcare in Thailand: is particularly good, especially if you have money. Bangkok has some world class private hospitals catering specifically to foreigners, and providing an excellent service at affordable rates. You can have your own private hospital room should you need healthcare in Thailand.

Health checks: are a good idea while in Thailand. For less than 3,000 baht (US$100) and a morning of tests you can get a complete ‘twice-over’ to ensure you’re in good health and that any early signs of cancer or other threatening ailments are detected.

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