Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok

Cosmetic surgery in Bangkok is highly advanced and the numerous hospitals and clinics here offer all conceivable procedures. Breast enlargement, liposuction, nose surgery and face lifts are all common cosmetic surgical procedures, with Bumrungrad International Hospital the main centre.

Costs run to around a quarter of what they would in countries like the UK and USA, and Thailand is the perfect place to recover after surgery.

The leading hospitals in Bangkok are modern and attended by professional, English-speaking staff who are trained in the latest techniques.

Breast enlargement in Bangkok

All of Bangkok’s high profile private hospitals, as well as dedicated plastic surgery clinics, undertake breast enlargement surgery. This is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures here, with hundreds of breast augmentation operations completed everyday. Thai women are typically small-breasted, giving the doctors plenty of experience in this type of procedure.

Local clinics specialising in breast enlargement and cosmetic surgery in Bangkok advertise this operation from around US$2,000 (60,000 baht), including silicone mentor/ES implants. Breast reduction operations are also performed regularly.

Liposuction in Bangkok

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure in Bangkok for those who have excessive areas of fat, usually around the stomach, upper thighs and buttocks. A large needle-type instrument is inserted through small holes made in the skin and the offending fat is then simply sucked out. Each procedure costs around US$1,500-2,000, more for a full tummy tuck. The process is safe and the recovery uncomplicated, and hundreds of these operations performed every day.

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Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) in Bangkok

Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, in Bangkok can be performed at hospitals and dedicated plastic surgery clinics for a fraction of the cost in the USA or UK. The nose is reshaped by shaving off the upper layers of the bridge of the nose, or by resetting after an accident. This straightforward procedure is particularly popular among wealthy Thais seeking a more Western-looking nose (implants), but is also performed regularly on tourists who desire a little reshaping while on holiday.

An operation costs from around US$1,000, and you have the benefit of a private recovery period – comfortably holed up in an exclusive resort on one of the islands.

Face lift in Bangkok

Face lifts are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Bangkok with medical tourists and are performed in private hospitals by experienced, English-speaking plastic surgeons.

Prices in Bangkok are extremely reasonable and start from around US$2,500. This is a tricky procedure and it’s important you spend several weeks in Thailand discussing the desired outcome with the surgeon (in between sightseeing) before going under the knife.

Litigation is less successful in Thailand, but fortunately Thai cosmetic surgeons are professional and discerning and the number of complaints brought against them is few. If in doubt, work with a surgeon attached to one of the city’s internationally-reputable hospitals.


Plastic surgeons in Bangkok

Bumrungrad International Hospital
Bumrungrad is the top centre for cosmetic surgery in Southeast Asia, offering sophisticated techniques, state-of-the-art machinery and supreme medical know-how. It has a superb reputation for cosmetic surgery both in Bangkok and around the world and prices are reasonable, considering the excellent facilities. 33 Sukhumvit 3, Wattana, Tel: (02) 667 1000, Emergency: (02) 667 2999.

Bangkok Hospital
This excellent hospital is in a similar league with Bumrungrad in regards to the experience of its cosmetic surgeons, level of attention, and advanced techniques, and is a popular hospital for those medical tourists looking for plastic surgery in Thailand. Prices are high for Thailand, but are still much less than what you would pay in the West. 2 Soi Soonvija 7, New Petchburi Road, Huaykwang, Tel: (02) 310 3000 or 1719 (Local calls only).

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre
This modern facility is dedicated solely to cosmetic surgery in Bangkok and undertakes all types of procedures, including sex reassignment surgery, nose surgery, breast enlargement surgery, liposuction and face lifts. The plastic surgeons here are highly skilled and speak fluent English, plus the environment is relaxed and informal and the prices are reasonable. 422-426/1 Indramara Soi 20, Sutthisarn Road, Dindaeng, Tel: (02) 690 8000.

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