Property in Bangkok

Property in Bangkok is some of the hottest real estate in Asia, and this vibrant Southeast Asian business hub commands high prices for condos, apartments and houses in the city centre. It is a city of mixed wealth and opportunities and affordable property can be found within a reasonable distance from the city centre. Buying is certainly realistic – provided you do your homework.

Whether a teacher on a modest salary, or a retiree looking to invest locally, Bangkok has plenty of good value deals in property. Increasingly sophisticated and trendy condos keep going up, but you can rent a 1960s-era property among the leafy back streets of Thong Lor (off Sukhumvit Road) for a reasonable amount. Out in the suburbs you can move into the quintessential Thai middle-class luxury housing estates, though you’d need a Thai partner to own it.

In this section we introduce you to the basics of renting, buying, selling, and even building property, in Bangkok, with access to a professional industry of agents and developers. 

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Real estate guide to Bangkok

Bangkok is a sprawling city with no specific CBD. Clusters of high-rise office and apartment blocks are spread over a wide area, while other areas of property are distinctly low rise and historic, such as Rattanakosin (old Bangkok). Farther out, spreading into adjacent provinces, real estate in Bangkok takes the form of popular contemporary housing estates, complete with grand entrances, smart security and plush, landscaped clubhouses.

Although mostly aimed at the emerging Thai middle class, these also attract expats who have lived awhile in Bangkok and prefer to move out to the suburbs with their families.

Expats working for multinationals with generous salaries generally stay in modern condos in the Sukhumvit and Silom areas where the majority of international businesses are located. The area around Ekkamai, Phrom Pong and Tong Lor of Sukhumvit Road is particularly pleasant and popular with the expat community. Close proximity to foreigner-friendly services and the BTS Skytrain greatly inflate their value.

However, the demand is robust and numerous cutting-edge apartment designs continue to appear on the market from very professional developers, with price tags to match Hong Kong and Singapore. As investments they are considered sound, with the Thai economy mostly posting attractive growth figures.

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A mature Bangkok real estate industry caters to a discerning and wealthy rental market, with prices from 50,000 baht (US$1,600) to 150,000 baht (US$5,000) and up for spacious condos in popular areas. Of course, lesser condos and older houses away from popular areas can rent for 20,000 baht (US$600).

There is a brisk trade in property investment, leasing, and even renovating in Bangkok, supported by numerous agents (including many foreign-managed).

This section offers non-partisan introductory advice on real estate in Bangkok, covering condos and apartments, investing, land and houses and recommending property agents in Bangkok.

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